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Macotech and projects is  an  established  ICT  services  provider,  offering  comprehensive support  and  maintenance  packages  to  small  and  medium  sized  businesses.  Based  in Johannesburg,   we   have   built   up   an   excellent  reputation   with  both   clients   and suppliers   alike. Our  customers  include  manufacturing, financial, office based agencies  and  professional  service  organizations. We  supply  a  range  of  reliable,  cost effective  services  and  specialize  in  maintenance  and  support,  including  regular  on-site  visits,  impartial  consultation  and  the  knowledge  that  a  familiar  human  voice  is always available to give expert advice. Staffed  by  personnel  with  many  years  experience  in  all  areas  of  ICT, Maco-tech focuses  on  providing  a  high  quality  service  with  a  personal,  candid  approach.  Our goal  is  to  manage  the  client’s  ICT  systems  in  a  way  that  allows  them  to  concentrate on  their  core  business  activities.  We  work  in  partnership  with  clients  to  help  them achieve their business goals through the use of ICT. Mission Continually exceed our customers’ increasing expectations. Our  priority  is  to seamlessly  integrate  ourselves  into  the  client’s organization  to  help  them  achieve high productivity. Vision Our  Vision  is  be  a  world-class  ICT  Solutions  company  that  assists  consumers  and businesses   achieve   their   goals.  We   will   accomplish   our  Vision   through   our commitment, strategic growth, outstanding service and competitive pricing. We at Maco-tech will accomplish this Vision by always:-Providing unparalleled personal service.-Proactively tailoring innovative ICT Solutions to fully meet our customer’s needs.-Treating customers and colleagues with respect.-Being accountable to customers and colleagues in all we do. Values· Commitment to Excellence· Quality of Service· Integrity· Loyalty· Enthusiasm · Honesty· Accountability